Manual Registration vs Event Registration Software2018-09-18T08:29:03+00:00

Lets assume you have a small meeting for 100 guests, with an RSVP period of 1 week. This table shows how much time you spend managing your event registration manually vs. managing the registration using our automated registration system. 

Preparing registration forms (1 man hour)
1 week registration period via emails and phone calls (5 man days)
Preparing attendance sheet (1 man hour)
Setting up registration kiosk (1 man hour)
Marking attendance (2 man hour)
Consolidate attendance (1 man hour)
Prepare key data reports (1 man hour)
Total: 5 man days & 7 man hours

Event registration software
Preparing registration fields (1 man hour)
Automated registration portal (automated – 0 man hours)
Preparing attendance sheet (updated live – 0 man hours)
Setting up registration kiosk (1 man hour)
Scanning QR code (automated – 0 man hours)
Consolidate attendance (updated live – 0 man hours)
Prepare key data reports (updated live – 0 man hours)
Total: 2 man hours

Our tech team is on event day standby to ensure that all the “cogs” of our software are in motionThe beauty of automated processes is that you receive real-time updates on your event status.

How many times have you experienced a big boss with a passing comment, “what is the attendance now?”

Your boss looks at you and asks you “what is the attendance now?”

You scramble through your spreadsheet with your best guesstimates of the number of attendees. You look at your boss and said, “about more than 70?” After spending endless hours manually preparing for the registration of the event, you feel that you could have done better if your spreadsheet can process raw data quicker.

With a registration attendance capturing software. All these raw information is formatted into useful information at real time. You can instantly tell report on the exact attendance. You can inform your bosses on which VIP has or has not arrived. How many walk-ins you have received. You can even prepare the report to display demographic data.

Our event registration software makes a mundane task feel professional.