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Klobbi’s Event Registration Software was built for speed.

Public Service Week 2018 saw the public sector of Singapore coming together in a spectacular fashion where 145,000 public officers in 16 Ministries and more than 60 Statutory Boards renew their pledge to serve Singapore and Singaporeans.

With its theme of “One Public Service: Stepping Up Transformation”, the Singapore Public Sector proudly celebrates it contributions by organising the Public Sector Transformation Awards Reception and Convention 2018, at Resort World Convention Centre.

With 14 ministries and 24 statutory boards coming together showcase their best practices in the areas of innovation, transformation and collaboration.

This was an amazing display of innovation and digitalisation by the Public Service of Singapore. This convention celebrates our public servants in their efforts in building a future-ready Singapore.

This event is split into 3 sub-components:

The Public Sector Transformation Awards Reception which recognises agencies for their organisational excellence. 1000 guests.

The Public Sector Conference where private and public sector leaders will share their insights and their organisations’ unique experience on their path towards digitalisation. 1800 guests

The Public Transformation Exhibition where ministries flaunt their best initiatives. 8000 guests

Total: 10,800 guests

As technology is at the heart of the event, the technologies employed for this event was under harsh scrutiny.

The leadership of the public service has expressed their concerns about long queues within the event vicinity.

Firstly, Resort World Convention Centre is built with a potential bottleneck leading to the convention. Secondly, the main focus of this event is the public service featuring its best practices with technology. It makes sense that as part of the organising committee, the technologies employed had to be close to StarTrek.

The challenge presented to us was to receive and manage approximately 5000 guests a day, across 2 sub-events, without any queues. The instruction to us was that the full onsite event registration process had to be so fast that all guests had to scan their QR code and collect their badge without forming any queues.

We did it.