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Events Registration Software

Our online registration software creates a seamless registration experience for you and your visitors. Feel the ease of event registration at your fingertips. Our event registration software provides a one stop solution for all your registration needs. From ticketing and payment collection to attendance report and live VIP management. Join thousands of event organisers and event goers on our platform today!

The event registration process of any event is project on its own that requires and deserves independent attention. As the initial touch point of the event for all your attendees, online and offline, the event registration process can make or break your event. Leave the process of registration management with our proprietary events registration software and focus on the other more important aspects of the event that require your attention.

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How does our Events Registration Software Work?

Step 1: Design your Event Microsite / Landing Page

We will build your Event Registration Page. Choose your event URL and we will purchase and host the Event Website for you. We will design and program a fully responsive and mobile friendly site for your event. Our web design services ranges from a basic DIY landing page template to a fully Customised Professional Event Website.

Step 2: Customise your fields / Sell your tickets

Begin the event registration process. Is your event free and you would like to capture the attendance and information of the attendees of interested parties? Determine the information you wish to capture from your attendees.  Or is your event for a paid audience only? Our fully customisable registration software allows bulk registration, independent track registration, ticketing and payment solutions.

Step 3: Customisable e-Ticketing

After keying the required details and making payment (if required). Our system automatically sends a personalised and customisable event e-tickets to your attendees inbox. Customise the designs of your tickets with event programmes, directional instructions and dress code.

Step 4: Attendance / Sales Tracking

Track your event attendance live with our dashboard. Receive weekly emails on your attendance progress. Trigger a sold out respond when the event capacity is reached or extend the ticketing period when you receive overwhelming response.

Event Day

Track the attendance of your event with our real time features. Want to know if your VIP has arrived? Our system sends you an notification when your VIP has signed in at your event.

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Our standard event package comes with the following:

  • Simple Event Microsite.
  • Domain purchase and hosting.
  • Registration form.
  • Auto email responder with personalise QR ticket.
  • QR ticket scanner.

If your event has any unique requirements, do share them with us and we will come up with a creative solution for you.

Give us a call or drop us an email with the following details:
1) Type of event – Paid or Unpaid
2) Number of expected attendees
3) Type of fields required (E.g. Name, email, contact number, etc.)
4) Event Location
5) Wifi requirements – We would prefer if wifi is provided by the venue.
6) Government or Private Event – Government events have their set of limitations which we will be able to advise you.

Our event registration software is perfect for

Art Gallery
Charity Events

Social Events
Sporting Events
Trade shows

Why choose us as your event registration partner?

We pride ourselves in providing personal and complete services to both Clients and Customers. We recognise ourselves not just as service providers but event service providers. This means that our experience managers will walk you through the setup of the registration process every step of the way. From the configuration of the event software til the setup at the event ground. We provide one-stop comprehensive event registration solutions bespoke for all events.

Our registration software is designed for optimal user friendliness. We believe that technology is a universal commodity and should be easy enough for anyone to use it. Our program is build service everyone from all walks of life to any age range and across all platforms. Tell us your wish list and we will program it to suit the mass audience.

We understand that every event has its set of unique requirements. We understand that every event is unique and so are their requirements. Our program can be customised in any way to fulfil any requirements. Having managed thousands of events and serving thousands of clients, we fully understand what is needed and recommended for each event. Our registration platforms is built with dynamic features to suit every event needs.

On point every time. We believe that technology should life easier, that includes the well-being of your pockets. To do that we need your help! Spread the word of our events solutions and with enough support from your peer recommendations. We will offer you a price you cannot refuse.