Benefits of RFID in Event Registration2018-09-19T06:48:47+00:00

Klobbi events technology includes RFID payment solutions. Our comprehensive event management technology incorporates RFID payment solutions with our RFID technology extension.

This is event technology is perfect for all events, especially with participating vendors.

In this extension, RFID event tags are issued to your guests for entry identification. RFID is modified to support monetary transactions. Visitors will deposit money into these RFID chips via cash or wireless means. Transactions within your event will be made via the use of these RFID tags.

Why go for the RFID experience?

1. It is cool.

People tend to keep their RFID wristbands long after the end of the event to remember the awesome experience. RFID is a simple use of technology that makes your event seem fun. RFID is synonymous with amazing events, and just by having it could make your event seem amazing even before it has begun! Can you imagine going to a cool event without RFID tags? No way!

2. Faster than QR

We experience a slow down in queues with QR codes when attendees take their time to locate their QR only when they have reached the front of the kiosk. Sometimes it is difficult to scan the QR code, especially with the older visitors, because it is difficult for them to locate the scanner.

All these problems will go away with the use of RFID tags. RFID is immeasurably faster than QR code due to the fact that there is no “aiming” factor. Tap it on our scanning device and just go!

3. Eliminate fraud

RFID tags are much harder to duplicate than a printed ticket. Every guest is given a unique RFID identifier. This makes detection of duplication much easier to identify and prevent. Since RFID can be controlled remotely, any lost or duplicated RFID tags can be remotely deactivated to prevent further use.

4. Go cashless

Monetary value can be stored and used through the RFID tags. This feature is great for both visitors and organisers. Organisers can fully control the circulation of money within the event. This gives organisers real-time information on which parts of the event is popular amongst the guests and which aren’t.

With RFID payment, guests no longer need to fear to lose their wallets or dropping coupons at crowded festivals. Simply deposit money into the RFID once before the event and they can make payments during the event with a simple tap of the RFID.

This is good news for all vendors for the ease of spending, encourages spending.

5. Real-time event data

Receive live data on how traffic flows through your event. Real-time data gives organisers the flexibility to react and improve the event environment for your guests. Increase queue lanes for popular spaces, improve choke points and divert traffic to less visited regions. Prepare for potential shortages by forecasting footfall.

Know exactly what sells and what does not at your event to optimise the experience of your event to your visitors.

6. Onsite engagement

You want to engage your visitors whilst they are at your event. RFID provides a great opportunity to create value for them and engage them indirectly. Some events encourage visitors to visit as many exhibits as possible and to that these events come up with a passport system where visitors will scan their RFID tags at the exhibits they have visited. If they have visited a minimum required by the organiser, they receive a freebie or stand a chance to win a lucky draw.