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Klobbi – Events Registration Software

We discuss the benefits of using an Events Registration Software. Is it wiser to outsource this service to a team of professionals or to cut cost by managing it in-house? They key consideration as always is if it is worth to spend the money. Here are some benefits from using an events registration software that you can’t put a price on.

1. No learning curve

There is no learning curve because we will manage this for you. At Klobbi, we believe that service achieves excellence. The service we strive to deliver is not limited to the features of our products but also by the service rendered by our project consultants. We understand that events are literal living entities and require constant attention. Our project management consultants are trained to personally see through each project to the end.  We equipped with events experience to provide solutions should any issues arise. You can take your eyes off the registration process only because we got our eyes on it.

2. Fully customisable designs for your branded event

Our event registration software possesses the flexibility to the be uniquely customised in the format you desire. Gain more mileage from your brand and for our sponsors by strategically branding your event on our platform. Design the entire registration process to fit your corporate identity. Proudly display your sponsors in designated online advertising space.

3. Paperless ticketing

Going paperless is a fashionable and noble trend. We don’t see this trend ending in the near future. With the rise of paperless transactions, you can simultaneously save the trees while combating fraudulent ticket duplicates.

Learn more about paperless ticketing with our RFID registration extension.

4. Manage attendance report instantly

Raw data is useless to the human eyes. At the end of the day, all the data collected is useless if it is not formatted in a useful way. Using an event registration software, data will be formatted in real-time into instant facts and reports. No more mindless scrambling for information.

Learn about how much time you save!

5. Registration queue time decreased by more than 50%

Klobbi’s event registration system is built for speed. Our software is designed to get your guests in and out of the queues in the shortest time possible.

Learn more about the speed of our software in this case study of an event we did for the Singapore Public Service in 2018.

6. Improved customer experience

Spend less time waiting online for your ticket or in-line to enter the event premises. Our events registration software was built for speed and stability. Our programmers are constantly improving our QR scanning technology, to minimise time spent waiting in line.

7. Increased productivity

Do more by doing less! Let our event registration software do all the work with regards to the RSVP and ticketing of your event. Our automated events registration system will manage all attendees while providing live reports. As an events organiser, you have more important things to focus on. Leave the operation of event registration management to us!

8. Go Digital!

Are you still using pen and paper to mark the attendance of your guests? I can imagine you sitting at the front counter with lines of guests waiting restlessly in line for you to locate their names on the 12 pages of alphabetically arranged excel spreadsheets. What a painful sight!

Our event registration system issues unique QR codes to your attendees (for all paid or free events). Scan your QR code at our unmanned kiosks to for quick event access. Have your event attendance live at your fingertips.