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Klobbi – The Software Development Company

We don’t just develop software with features, we enchant you with the magic of technology.

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About Klobbi

Hi! We are Klobbi! We are your creative solutions & software development company. Doing anything manually (especially paperwork) should be a thing of the past. Share with us your working grievances and we will customise an automated solution to streamline your processes.

Klobbi is founded by a human and a robot. The human identifies the problems and the robot fixes them.

Human has more than 10 years of events and project management. Having experienced working with and for many private and public agencies, we understand the pain using pen and paper in the 21st Century. Why are you still using pen and paper, or a cumbersome excel sheet? Human believes human hours should be spent on better purposes other than manually keying data. Everything should at your fingertips, at a press of a button, flick of a switch or a blink of an eye.

The Robot has 12 years awesome programming experience. Within these 12 years, Robot has worked for the biggest tech companies in the United States (and the World for that matter). The Robot has also collaborated with other tech teams to develop mobile applications and software for renowned brands.

With more than 20 years of combined management experience and software programming respectively, Klobbi designs effective, automated IT solutions to take the pain of doing things manually. If you are spending too much effort using Excel Spreadsheets for everything in your office – You Need Klobbi!

Do you remember the first time you saw the iPhone in 2007? It was beautiful, it was revolutionary. You had the power of the world in your hands. It was the Willie Wonka moment of our generation and it was magical.

This is what we strive towards at Klobbi. To revive the magic that is technology. We are trained to understand your organisation’s requirements and develop intuitive and beautiful solutions tailored to your needs.

When you give Klobbi a try, it must feel like magic.

Law #1: Technology must provide the highest user experience satisfaction above everything else.

At Klobbi, we can create anything, but “anything” is useless if you don’t know how to use it or don’t like the feel of using it.

Law #2: Technology must be used with honour.
Technology is built to effectively relieve humans of mundane work. Technology will not be used to attain unfair and dishonourable gains from another human being or organisation.

Law #3: Technology must always improve.
Obsolete technology belongs in museums. Klobbi belongs in the future.

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Sales: +65 9660 6501
Email: z@klobbi.com

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22 Sin Min Lane, #06-76 MIDVIEW CITY
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